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Project: Oily Waste Treatment Plant and Pump Station
Client:   US Navy, Pacific Southwest Engineering Command

The Oily Waste Treatment Facility is designed to handle discharge from the various ships at the 32nd Street Naval Base. The associated pump stations deliver this discharge to a central location for processing and treatment.

The individual pump stations interfaced with the local motor control centers and the pumps. Based on signals from level sensors and central plant usage, pumps were started or stopped. This information was transmitted back by leased line phone modem. All parameters are adjustable from local operator interface terminals.

The central plant is monitored and controlled by a General Electric Series 90-30 PLC via Modbus modem to five remote PLCs. A large operator work station was fabricated to allow the entire process to be monitored. This interfaced with a Wonderware Medland Controls, Inc. package. Field devices included advanced level transmitters, flow meters, and various types of analyzers. There are a of 601 Digital Inputs, 176 Digital Outputs, 33 Analog Inputs, and 10 Analog Outputs for a total of 820 points.

During the final phases of testing and commissioning, Medland Controls, Inc. provided all of the pump station controls and instrumentation to provide central control of the process. Medland Controls, Inc. fabricated the central computer work station and control cabinets. In addition to programming all the GE PLC's Medland Controls, Inc. provided the programming and graphical interlacing using Wondrware Medland Controls, Inc. software, Instrumentation and Controls for several large tanks, pumping systems, and five complete pump stations for level and gas detection.

Project: El Monte Booster Pump
Client:   Helix Water District

This is a freshwater pumping station. Its function is to transfer water from the El Capitan Reservoir to the Levy Treatment Plant. The station's primary equipment consists of five vertical turbine pumps driven by individual 350 horsepower motors and variable frequency drives (VFDs).

Medland Controls, Inc. installed, tested, and verified all electrical equipment and the control system. MCCs were manufactured by Toshiba International with P2 VFDs; these are monitored by individual GE Multilin power monitors. All information is communicated back to the control system via Modbus protocol.

The control system is a PLC Direct (owner specified) PLC and operator interface terminal. All programming and logic design was performed by Medland engineering staff. Field devices included pressure transmitters, flow meters, pressure and differential pressure switches, and thermal dispersion flow switches. The system communicates with the district's office via a telephone modem.

Project: Fallbrook Reclaimed Water Pump Station
Client:   Fallbrook Sanitation District

Design, fabrication, and start-up chlorine controls. System interfaced pressure and flow transmitters with electronic controllers. The controllers modulated signals to variable frequency drives and pressure control valves.

Project: Southwest Quadrant Storm Drain Pumping Stations
Client:   City of Coronado

The Southwest Quadrant Storm Drain project included conversion of one existing storm drainage well into a new pumping station and construction of a brand new pump station. Medland Controls, Inc. was awarded both the electrical and the instrumentation and controls portions of the contract.

The electrical work included large switch-gear installations at both sites including complex buswork, transformer, and VFD installations.

Medland Controls, Inc. also provided all power distribution and lighting systems. The instrumentation and controls portion included wet well level measurement, PID algorithms, pump sequencing, and VFD speed controls at both sites.

Project: Longbuilder Dry Dock Extension Project
Client:   National Steel and Shipbuilding Company

Medland Controls, Inc. designed and built the control system for the dry dock "Longbuilder". The project included removal of existing pneumatic controls for Ballast, Draft indication, tank level indication, and display systems and replacing them with all electronic PLC based controls, utilizing the latest technology in large screen display and control panels.

The dry dock was cut into two pieces and a 200 foot midsection was installed. The controls were extended for the after section and the number of tanks and valves were nearly doubled. Medland Controls, Inc. provided redundant PLC controls and MMI displays as well as a user interface that allow two operators to control all functions at the same time.

Client:   Military Sealift Command

Performed engineering and installation supervision to retrofit and replace boiler controls with new regulatory-approved equipment. Integrated with a General Electric European built container ships and converted for use by the US Navy. Medland Controls, Inc. involvement has been complete and thorough. Medland Controls, Inc. was awarded additional work in areas such as piping design, documentation packages, sea-trials, and training.

Project: Pomerado Booster Pump Station
Client:   San Diego County Water Authority

The Pomerado Booster Station provides up to 3.6 million gallons of domestic water per day to the community of Scripps Valley. The station is equipped with three 75 horsepower motors driving vertical turbine pumps. The motors are fed by individual variable frequency drives.

Medland Controls, Inc. provided all the commercial electrical work and the instrumentation and control package for this project. The control system consists of a Modicon Quantum PLC mounted in a local control panel.

The PLC is interfaced with an operator interface terminal and the motor control center. Pump speed is determined based on flow requirements and time-of-the-day. These parameters are adjustable by an operator interface terminal (also located in the local control panel) or from the Central Control Facility by hard-wired telephone telemetry. Medland Controls, Inc. performed all PLC logic programming and testing. Field equipment consists of pressure transmitters, flow meters, and pump monitoring devices.

Project: Point Loma Waste Water Treatment Plant, Digester Rehabilitation
Client:   City of San Diego

Medland Controls, Inc. upgraded the controls for two anaerobic sludge digesters and associated equipment and built five UL listed LCPs. The system utilizes five interfaced, Toshiba digital loop controllers.

Medland Controls, Inc. devised control schemes to maintain temperature of this sensitive process. All ancillary equipment is monitored and controlled. Gas production is measured with thermal dispersion flow meters and transmitted back to the main control room.

Project: Joint Water Pollution Control Plant
Client:   Los Angeles County Sanitation District

All instrumentation and controls consisting of two large UL listed control panels with intrinsically safe equipment. Contract included Thermal Mass Flow Meters, PH Meters, Gas Detection Systems and all Level Instrumentation.

Project: Escondido-Vista Chlorination Facility
Client:   City of Escondido

Escondido-Vista Chlorination Facility is a complete chlorination facility that treats the water supply for the cities of Escondido and Vista, California. It is capable of treating multiple streams of water from various sources. The system controls all aspects of the facility including storage, loading, dosage, life safety protection and air padding.

Allen-Bradley PLC-5 with redundant processors, SLC-500 I/O, dual PanelView 550 operator interfaces (at remote locations), and Flex I/O (to interface with field instruments).

Project: Santa Maria Blending and Disinfecting Facility
Client:   City of Santa Maria

Santa Maria Blending and Disinfecting Facility is designed to blend and disinfect 3.8 million gallons of water per day for the city of Santa Maria. It is part of the State water Project (California Department of Water and Reclamation).

This is achieved by injecting a precise dosage of Obvious Ammonia and Sodium Hypochlorite (chlorine) into the state water supply and the city's well header. chemical feed is based on such factors as free and residual chlorine, the well, and state water flow rates.

Control system consists of an Allen-Bradley PLC-5 with redundant processors, remote I/O, a PanelView 550 (operator interface), and a Modbus communications module. Field devices consist of ultrasonic level transmitters (to monitor tank levels), pressure transmitters (for automatic tank pressurization), magnetic flow meters (to monitor chemical requirements), chlorine analyzers (also to monitor chemical requirements), and chemical metering pumps (to deliver the necessary treatment dosage).

The facility is linked to the city's main office (Modicon Quantum PLC) by spread spectrum radio and modem. Additionally, the system is integrated with the motor control center (for pump control and protection), the compressor system (providing air padding for the storage tanks), a backup generator (emergency power), and alarm system, and an annunciator (for operator feedback).

Medland Controls, Inc. Contracting Licenses:

  • State License #657254
  • C-10 Electrical (General)
  • A-General Engineering Contractor
  • C-7 Low Voltage Systems
  • D21 Machinery & Pumps
  • C-61 Specialty Controls
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