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Automation & Controls

Automation & Controls System Engineering Department
Engineering "A" License

Control Panel
  • Automation & Control System Design "C7" License
  • Application Engineering & Integration
  • Control Panel/Console Fabrication
  • Plant Wide Communication Networks
  • Human Machine Interface Systems (HMI)
  • Programming (Logic, HMI, Diagnostics, etc.
  • Field Start-up & Troubleshooting of Instrumentation, Electrical & Programming
  • Documentation & Testing to UL, USCG, ABS & Commercial Requirements
  • Instrumentation Specification & Selection
  • Calibration to National Institute of Standards & Testing (NIST)
  • Monitoring & Controls for any Processes including:
    • Level Monitoring & Pump Control Systems
    • Combustion Control & Burner Management
    • Stack Gas & Emissions
    • Power Monitoring & Generator Controls
    • Steam & Diesel Propulsion Controls

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