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Web Site Design GalleryWeb Site Design GalleryWeb Site Design Gallery

The Web Site Design Gallery maps this artist's scratching the surface of basic web page design. The learning curve is long and ever expanding for those of us who covet becoming a masterful web designer and developer. However, WYSIWYG's (what you see is what you get) like Frontpage and Dreamweaver make it possible for the average human being to enter this cyber medium with some measure of success. Whether you are playful or serious, web design is an artistic frontier that entices mass numbers of people to visit, explore, and develop skills fueled by pure tenacity.

The web site design gallery is divided into sections. Business, tutorials, and last but hardly least, fun and family web site designs. Some designs are merely mockups without interior pages like Make Me Smile and the Hobby Site. Some are still ongoing and many more pages and images will be added as time permits like the Bleu's Menagerie and the Keanu Reeves sites. The Tutorial section includes student projects showing the gradual elevation of skill and exposure to various software, HTML, and CSS. Most of the business sites are published on the clients server and are linked to their URL.

   Business/Professional Web Site Designs  
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Fun/Family Web Site Designs
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