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Web Site Design GalleryFun & Family Web Site DesignsWeb Site Design Gallery

Designing fun and family web sites allows the designer to play, experiment, break rules, and share anything and everything under the guise of doing it for family and (without a doubt) for fun! They are listed from the oldest to the newer works.

To Alien web site The Fun Alien Site 1998
Alien Site: Intro to html via a photoshop class. Did not play in the html sandbox again until fall of 2000.

To Alien web site design
 To Make Me Smile Mock up web site (home page only) The Fun  Make Me Smile Site 2000
Make Me Smile: This is a front page mockup only of a make believe web site. Dreamweaver makes web page design a breeze. Fireworks is an excellent companion software that works seamlessly with Dreamweaver. This is a disjointed roll over made in Fireworks and exported to Dreamweaver.
To Make Me Smile web site design
*To Keanu Reeves web site made for my beautiful daughter. The Fun Keanu Reeves  Site  2000 
Keanu Reeves: A site made for my daughter who admires Keanu Reeves...o.k., she lusts for him.
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To Keanu Reeves web site design
*To our fur-friends (a site made for Heather) The Family  Bleu's Menegerie Site 2001
Bleu's Menegerie: A site made for my niece who moved several states away and wanted to stay in touch with our critters.

To Bleu's Menegerie  web site design
To A New and Improved Family Web Site Family A New and Improved Family  Site 2001
This small web site was created for fun and for family as a welcome gift to Persha, Jessie, Michael, and Jeremiah.
Persha, Jeremiah, Michael, and Jessie's banner and a link to their web site.
To  the Family Fishin' Hole Site Family Fishin' Hole Site 2002
All of our fishing trips will be posted here beginning with the very fun day Mike and I spent taking Mom/Grandma fishing. She had not been fishing for nearly 30 years! Well...we'll just have to start making up for that!
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To  Kim's Fun Shower Site Kim's Fun Shower Site 2002 To  Kim's Fun Shower Site
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