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 Dabble Days Secret GalleryDabble Days GalleryDabble Days Secret Gallery

To Bottom of PageWelcome to the Secret Gallery. None come unless invited or they discover it themselves in which case, I believe they are entitled to be my guest.

Dabble Days Gallery displays works in progress, mediums I have dabbled in yet not fully explored enough to warrant their own individual gallery, and other personal works.

My Secret Gallery is a fun gallery; a working place; and a more intimate view of me, my extended family, friends, expressed through various mediums from the emotional reservoir within! Do not explore if you don't want to know more about what makes this artist laugh, cry, rage, and sing the artist's way.

Acrylic painting of 911 Rescue The Cowboy Way
The Cowboy Way: Specs: An acrylic painting done in black and white measuring 36" x 36" This was inspired by a photograph I saw in a book. It is the third (and last) black and white painting I've done. The few other paintings I have done are listed and appear as thumbnails below that are linked to larger images.

About Dabble Days Gallery plus a link to the Bottom of Page Painting is extremely therapeutic. It is like all of your thoughts are absorbed by the demands of the canvas so any worrisome things seem to disappear during painting sessions. No other medium I have explored thus far offers a better off switch to worldly matters.

  Fish Tank Blues
Fish Tank Blues is an excerpt from a painting that was digitally modified to be an entirely and uniquely different art piece. This is the fun and beauty of digital grahic art. So much can be made from so many other established pieces when scanning, enhancing, and modifying are the tools of manipulation.
 Software Sorcery Systems Mockups
Acrylic painting of The Butterfly Man
Click arrow, text or thumbnail image for larger view of painting  To larger view of The Butterfly Man  
Eyes from acrylic painting entitled Nobody's Fool
To larger image of Nobody's Fool  To larger view of Nobody's Fool  

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