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 About Ginny LeBleu This is a welcome and a warning! More than you probably ever want to know about me is meted out on these web pages in various forms of expression. The unique feature of this medium is that you are in total control of navigating allowing your escape at any time. You can retreat or lurk; like or dislike; smile or smirk. You can react with favor or disapproval and you can do it all without me knowing. This means you cannot hurt my feelings and I can't sue you! So, enjoy...or's your mouse!
 More about Ginny LeBleu I feel fortunate. Like this ordinary woman living in extraordinary times who just happens to be driven by a creative force to bring life to a thought or a vision that will not give her peace until expressed in one medium or another. The birth canal varies from pencil, to pen, to clay, or from this incredible exponential medium, mine enemy, my friend; Le' Computer.
Oh my gosh! Even more about Ginny LeBleu! Pablo Picasso sums up my ongoing relationship with every medium I fall in love with. I am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn how to do it. This puts you in touch with the epiphamous Aha's! as well as the infamous Aaarrrgggghhh's!!

About Ginny LeBleu
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Poem by Ginny LeBleu about art Art and Me
Art is the heart of me,
It's in my blood,
My soul,
My brain,
It's in my thoughts,
My dreams,
My ponderings.

Art is the heart of me,
In what I see,
In what has been,
In what I hope will come,
In all that I may do,
Or have already done.

Art is the heart of me,
So give me walls,
Or open space,
Or God's grace,
Give me goodness,
Or ill-will, is the heart
of me.

To the Secret Gallery by Ginny LeBleu

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